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About 24HR Field Services

Our core focus is adapted inspection services for our clients. Our passion is providing fast results with the highest quality standards possible. Our niche is that we are the most tech savvy complaint field service company in the industry!


A leading provider of services throughout the Professional, Financial and Real Estate industries in CA, CO, MN, NV, TX, WA and WI.


A wide range of over 40,000 property inspections/appraisals/services for our clients each month.


Our senior inspectors QC review 100% of our vendors work before we turn it in to our clients.

What We Do


Different types of inspections & services we provide


Property inspections we did in March 2014


Property inspections we have done through our software


Photos we have taken as of April 2nd, 2014

Compliant with all the new industry guidelines

With our clients needs changing more and more everyday to stay in compliance, we at 24HR Field Services work hard to stay ahead of the competition. We are in 100% compliance with our clients latest requirements. Our vendors are using our software App's in the field on their Apple and Android devices. We have all the geocoding information included in our reports we provide. We have the latest technology and software available. Every single employee and vendor that does work for 24HR Field services has passed the industry standard background check with a IC01 rating as of May 1st 2014. We completed over 43,000 properties all in compliance last month.

24HR Employee's and vendors background checks with a IC01 rating
In Compliance with OCC, FHA, Dodd Frank, etc.
Our vendors in the field using our mobile App on iPhone or Android with geocoding
We QC review every one of our vendors work before we turn it in to our clients.
Complaince with everything else


Whether you are a small bank, large bank, mortgage servicer, investment company, hedge fund, GSE or any other financial institution looking for a "Compliant" reputable leader to manage your portfolio of homes, look no further than 24HR Field Services. We are in compliance with OCC, FHA, Dodd Frank, etc.

We got you covered

Are you a company interested in contracting work to 24HR? Become one of our many happy clients by first filling out your information below. One of our account managers will contact you back with in 24HR’s.

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(763)269-7002   Brandon@24hrfs.com
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Vendor Manager Dept.
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Insurance Loss Dept.
(763)269-7027   Katie@24hrfs.com
(763)269-7026   Kim@24hrfs.com
(Kim works weeknights & weekends only)

Quality Control Dept.
(763)269-7015    QC@24hrfs.com

Accounts Receivable/Payable Dept.
(763)269-7073    CPA@24hrfs.com





Become a Vendor

Watch the video below if you're interested in becoming an inspector

Interested in Possibly Becoming a Vendor?

Fill out your information below and if we need someone in your area we will contact you back as soon as possible. If you can't pass a background check, don't even waste your time, we will pull everyone and we are very strict. You must have your own insurance and a valid drivers license.