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About 24HR Field Services


A leading provider of services throughout the Professional, Financial and Real Estate industries in AZ, CA, CO, MN, TX, WA and WI.


A wide range of over 40,000 property inspections/services for our clients each month.


Our senior inspectors QC review 100% of our vendors work before we turn it in to our clients. We guarantee the highest quality with geocoding information included.


Different types of inspections & services we provide


Property inspections we did in March 2014


Property inspections we have done through our software


Photos we have taken as of April 2nd, 2014

We are on top of the industry trends

With our clients needs changing more and more everyday to stay in OCC compliance, we at 24HR are staying ahead of the game as usual. We have already been though and passed our OCC compliance audit. Our vendors are using our software App's in the field on their Apple and Android devices. We have all the geocoding information included in our reports we provide. Plus every single employee and vendor that does work for 24HR Field services has passed the industry standard background check and everyone has a IC01 rating as of April 2, 2014. We are ahead of our competition. We are #BUILTFORSPEED

24HR Employee's and vendors background checks with a IC01 rating
Currently in OCC compliance
Our vendors in the field using our mobile App on iPhone or Android with geocoding
Senior inspectors that QC review of our vendors work before we turn it in to our clients.


Whether you are a small or large bank, mortgage servicer, investment company, hedge fund, GSE or any other financial institution looking for a "OCC Complaint" reputable leader to manage your portfolio of homes, look no further than 24HR Field Services. We are an active member of NAMFS was awarded the "Inspection Company of the Year" at the annual national convention in 2012. Our CEO currently sits on multiple of our clients advisory boards. Our mission is to stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients the most accurate timely reports possible.

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Client Managers

Brandon Brown
(763)269-7002 or (424)781-0002

Chris Dorpat
(763)269-7007 or (424)781-0000

Joe Dorpat

Katie Donahoe


State Vendor Managers
Arizona@24hrfs.com (763)269-7077
California@24hrfs.com (424)781-0002
Colorado@24hrfs.com (763)269-7077
Minnesota@24hrfs.com (763)269-7011
Texas@24hrfs.com (424)781-0002
WA@24hrfs.com (424)781-0002
Wisconsin@24hrfs.com (424)781-0002




Accounts Receivable/Payable Dept.


Payroll@24hrcorp.com (763)269-7014


Insurance Loss Department

iL@24hrcorp.com (763)269-7027


Supply/Mailroom Department

supplies@24hrcorp.com (763)269-7110

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